Pimp My Pug ‘teddy bear’ lavender velvet harness.

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Beautiful hand made ‘teddy bear’ lavender velvet harness made for a perfect pug fit.
Pug owners know how hard it is to find harnesses that truly fit our pugs the way they should. These one of a kind harnesses are made from lavender velvet and have a beautiful cream teddy bear on the back of them. They are light weight and designed specifically to fit the body of a pug perfectly.  Allowing for a short body length but more space around the neck and chest area
Designed and made by Italian designer Simona (Pug mum of two), they have been imported from Italy especially for the Cupcake Pug Company.
Extremely limited numbers of stock available.
We are currently the UK’s only retailer of this popular Italian brand. 
Available in sizes M and L. Please ensure you suitably measure your pug before purchasing as we cannot accept returns on these items.
Size L, measuring: M from 13.6'' to 14.6'' (neck size 35/38 cm) WAIST CIRCUMFERENCE : 21 INCHES
Size M, measuring: L from 15 to 16'' (neck size 39/43 cm) WAIST CIRCUMFERENCE : 23 INCHES
Due to the teddy bear on these harnesses, they need to be treated with care and hand washed only.