Hand Crocheted Pooch Party Hats -

Hand Crocheted Pooch Party Hats - "Helium"

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Hand-Crocheted Pom Pom pooch party-hats!
We call this design "Helium"
Nothing truly says “ crazy dog lady “ quite like these beautiful hand –crocheted party hats (pom poms and all), hand-made by Michelle in Ohio, USA especially for your beautiful pooch! We also try to price match as close as possible to what the original vendor charges retail too! Saving you on shipping and import tax! 
There is only one of each design – and each one is a complete one-off that will never be exactly re-created. Adorned with a single beautiful little-heart, they are the perfect accessory to capture the moment each and every year your pooch has a Birthday. Because every year is precious! We ADORE the cutest little pom pom on the top of the hat!
Each hat has been subtly attached to a discreet cardboard party hat (so that they keep their pointy shape) and fastens with coloured elastic to ensure the hat stays secure and in place. The perfect party prop – you can even make your own Birthday card images with these adorable little accessories.
Each hat is made to specifically fit Pugs/Frenchies so please judge if you think these hats would be a good size for your dog if they are of a different breed.  Hat circumference is around 14-16 but there is some stretch in the elastic. For any further questions – feel free to drop us an email. We try to get back to you ASAP.   
Please note these hats are for novelty purposes only - and not intended for everyday wear.